Amazon lets customers vote on new Alexa devices


Amazon is launching 'Build It', the latest project for its Day 1 Editions programme. Only when there is sufficient interest in a device or design will it be produced.


More input

Amazon launched its Day 1 Editions programme in 2019. The initiative aimed at selling new limited edition beta products to customers and get actual feedback. Echo Frames, the smart glasses featuring Alexa voice technology, was launched that way at the time. In the meantime, a new, improved version of the glasses has been created. Anyone can now buy a pair. 


Now, Amazon is adding a new plan to the programme called Build It, which will give its customers even more say in what will come to market. Amazon will regularly present new concepts. Via pre-order, customers can 'vote' for the device of their choice. The web giant will only produce the device once sufficient customers have subscribed to the concept within a period of 30 days. Those who pre-order can also enjoy a special launch price. If the pre-order target is not reached, the device will not be produced, and Amazon will not charge the customer for it.



Since yesterday, customers have already been able to subscribe to three concepts, all of which are compatible with Alexa. The first device is a smart note printer, an alternative to the well-known Post-it notes. The device uses "voice to print" technology and thermal printing, so no ink or toner is needed. Customers can also order a smart cuckoo clock and a scale that indicates the nutritional value of products. Amazon promises that it will actually manufacture at least one of the three products.