Bax-shop heads to Italy and Amsterdam

Bax-shop heads to Italy and Amsterdam

Bax-shop, the music store with an enormous online popularity, opened an Italian web shop. It now has 7 country-specific web shops and it will also open a new store in Amsterdam.

Fourth physical store

Bax-Shop is present in Italy, the Netherlands, France, England, Spain and Belgium, although all orders are still shipped from Zeeland. Its customer service is handled by employees that speak the local languages. The music store is also currently preparing a new web shop opening in Sweden.


The new Amsterdam-based store will be Bax-shop's fourth physical store, following in the footsteps of stores in its home town Goes, in Rotterdam and in Belgian Antwerp.


Earlier this week, it launched a new corporate identity for its website, hoping to improve the involvement from dj's, producers and musicians according to Emerce.


Bax-shop has innovated several things this year, like adding free same-day delivery for large orders earlier this year and it is the first Dutch retailer to offer this service.