MediaMarkt to introduce marketplace in Benelux

German electronics chain MediaMarkt is planning to integrate a marketplace into its Belgian and Dutch webshops, a function that already is available in Germany.


Expanding the offer

MediaMarkt recently developed a new online platform, which is already operational in Austria, Germany and Spain. According to Shariar Khalili, digital director of MediaMarkt Benelux, the new platform will soon be launched in the Netherlands and Belgium. It should offer more possibilities, including the integration of a marketplace. In Germany, partners can already sign up for that. "We intend to do the same in the Benelux when the new platform gets launched here", Khalili told Twinkle.


The digital director is thinking primarily of a closed marketplace, intended as an addition to the company's own range, aiming to attract even more customers. "Take a certain brand of TVs: we choose to offer a certain part of the range ourselves. But at the top end - some TV sets cost 30,000 euros - the manufacturers can offer these themselves on the marketplace", Khalili explains. To keep all those models in stock is very expensive for retailers, so the marketplace could be a win-win scenario.