Miele opens experience stores in Amsterdam and Brussels

Miele winkel

Domestic appliance manufacturer Miele has announced it will open two experience stores in the Benelux: Amsterdam is planned for next week, Brussels for later in the year. The stores are meant to offer a multi-sensory experience, with workshops and events.


Superior experience

Miele has opened showrooms before, but for the German brand actual stores on premium retail locations are still quite the novelty. The chain aims to offer a superior retail experience appealing to all the senses, which should show the products, increase brand awareness and tell stories. The central point in the concept is a cooking lounge for workshops and demonstrations, but the store will also have room for other events (including product presentations) and - of course - customers can ask advice about which product fits them best.


For all these purposes, Miele felt it needed a premium retail location: in Amsterdam, the store will be quite close to the world-famous Rijksmuseum, while in Brussels the prime shopping street Avenue Louise will receive the German brand.