Brussels third city for French eyewear brand IZIPIZI

Brussels third city for French eyewear brand IZIPIZI

French eyewear brand IZIPIZI has chosen Brussels as the location for its third flagship store worldwide, after Paris and London. The brand found a spot near Brussels' iconic Grand Place.


For the whole family

The French brand wants to position itself as a store for the whole family and tries to adopt an affordable and trendy image. The collections feature reading glasses as well as sun glasses, and can be expanded with limited editions that are the result of collaborations with - amongst others - Bonpoint and MoMa. The colourful interior is dynamic, so it can always be adapted to reflect the current season.


IZIPIZI was founded six years ago in Paris and was originally called See Concept. After a steep international rise, the brand is sold in 3,500 stores in thirty countries. However, Brussels is only the third flagship store by the brand itself.