C&A shows grown self-confidence with new logo

A new campaign image of retailer C&A shows its new logo
Photo: C&A

A brand new version of store chain C&A has arrived. Its new logo shows an increased self-confidence and the new slogan "Wear the change" points to a focus on sustainability, although the retailer emphasises its continued efforts to keep prices down as well.


For the 'democratic centre'

The chain has used the occasion of the autumn/winter collection launch to present its new look and feel: the slogan "Wear the change" has been adopted first for its new collection of denim. The slogan is not completely new though: the retailer already used it for its sustainable fashion collections and for its sustainability initiatives. Sustainable collections already make up half of the company's range, which C&A considers an ideal moment to widen its claim to all of its products.


Marketing director Maik Kleinschmidt explains that the company now focuses on three key aspects: sustainability, pricing and inclusivity: C&A wants to cater for everyone - regardless of their age, gender or shape. This is further emphasised by a slick new logo, in which the familiar shell-shaped border is removed. The new campaign images should be clear and simple as well, with which the chain hopes to appeal to its newly defined target audience, the "modern, democratic centre of society".


The "change" is not just happening in words (and images): the chain practices what it preaches and has put three women in key positions in its European division.