Gucci sells vintage classics through online concept store Vault


Gucci has launched Vault, an online concept store offering vintage archive pieces of the brand as well as contemporary designers. The webshop manifests itself as a digital magazine.


Unique vintage pieces

Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, has dusted off old treasures and presents them in Vault. This new experimental online space will be a virtual archive for the fashion house and a laboratory and digital concept store. Throughout the year, design classics of the fashion house will be released in limited numbers.


Vintage shoppers should not expect to find bargains, however. The second-hand items in question are all carefully selected by Gucci's archivists or Michele himself, who, according to V Magazine, regards them as true relics. They are restored and refreshed, given individual numbers and delivered in customised wrapping.


Poems and videos

Remarkably, the webshop will also become a platform where not only Gucci but other designers and fashion labels can also find a space. Vintage Gucci items are mixed in with new creations, including pieces by designers Collina Strada, Ahluwalia and Yueqi Qi. The online space is intended to constantly evolve with both old and new pieces, all in order to provide "a poetic and imaginative shopping experience". 


An editorial format where dynamic content takes centre stage has been chosen to ensure this unique shopping experience. By sharing different types of media, ranging from digital short stories and poems to video and audio clips, Vault aims to entertain, educate and surprise. "For me, shopping isn't simply about buying things. It is about establishing a connection with them, entering into a relationship", Michele explains.