LVMH partners with Google in push towards AI and personalization

Alessia Pierdomenico /

LVMH, the luxury holding company above Louis Vuitton, has announced a partnership with Google Cloud. With Google's help, the luxury giant wants to focus on artificial intelligence and personalisation. 


Artificial intelligence

LMVH is entering into a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, the cloud computing division of Google. This partnership should enable LVMH to develop new solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, specifically, to predict demand better and optimise stocks.


"The two companies will join forces, in particular their creativity, thirst for innovation and technological expertise, to enable LVMH companies to create a new and more personalised customer experience, supporting their long-term growth," the press release said.


Joining forces with the giants

Google's employees will also provide training and programmes at LVMH's subsidiary brands, including Dior and Luis Vuitton, to develop a "culture of data and innovation". In addition, Google is also tackling its own IT infrastructure.


The world's largest luxury producer is thus not only turning into a data and technology company, but it is also making itself dependent on Google. Up until now, owner Bernard Arnault has been notoriously reluctant to deal with the big technology giants. In particular, he has linked Amazon to terrorism and organised crime because of the presence of counterfeit on the platform.