Monki lets 'influencers' earn money

Monki lets 'influencers' earn money
Foto: Monki

H&M subsidiary Monki will collaborate with ‘influencers’: the fashion label will launch a global program for social media figures, who can earn money if they sell clothing.


Payment per web shop sale

Social media figures that post Monki ads on their channels will soon get a direct reward. If their visitors and followers subsequently buy something in the Monki web shop, the poster will get a part of the profit. People who join the program will also get access to the label’s promotional material.


“Monki mainly focuses on influencers that promote brands on social media like Instagram and Facebook and on websites that use ad links”, the fashion brand said. Everyone who registers for the program will get a unique link to add to his or her social media posts. These links will then track whether someone actually buys something on the brand’s web shop.


The company will use Rakuten Affiliate Network for this. The Japanese e-commerce group says it is the world’s largest online “affiliate marketing” network, connecting advertisers and publishers.