New collection for men from Esprit

New collection for men from Esprit

Esprit is set to launch a new collection for men this year, called The Wardrobe Essentials, with prices between 29 and 49 euro. It is an attempt to increase the company's share of men's fashion turnover.

Price and comfort

Currently, the company only gets 12 % of its turnover from men's fashion, but with this new collection it wants to change that. The collection will only be on sale in its own stores at first, but from March onward, it will be available to its wholesale customers. Denim, polos, shirts, sweaters and jackets will be available all year round: "We do not particularly want to focus on trends with this collection, but more so on price and comfort", logistics director Juan Antonio Chaparro Vazquez said.


Esprit recently underwent a major restructuring, shutting down several onerous stores. The result was that the company's turnover in the first quarter of its broken fiscal year 2016-2017 dropped 11.8 % compared to the year before.