Sonia Rykiel gets second life online

Former Sonia Rykiel store in Paris
Photo: Dani Berszt /

Fashion brand Sonia Rykiel rises from its ashes: after the bankruptcy last year, two co-founders of Showroomprivé ensure a relaunch online. Physical stores will follow later.


100 destinations

Sonia Rykiel is back: the fashion label is given a second life by Eric and Michael Dayan, two co-founders of Showroomprivé. In December 2019, they bought the piece of "French heritage", as they called it themselves, or at least its remains: they took over the name, archives and stocks from the bankruptcy.

Now they are relaunching the label with the help of an international webshop. The online boutique aims to serve consumers worldwide: the site automatically changes the language, tax rate, transport costs and currency according to the visitor. According to BFM Business, the website can adapt to over 100 destinations and 30 currencies.


53rd anniversary

On the eve of the brand's 53rd anniversary, the e-shop aims to be "a real showcase" for the fashion brand again, bringing iconic pieces together in the same space. For the time being, this will be the only point of sale, but physical stores will follow later. Owners Eric and Michael Dayan have left the operational management of Showroomprivé and are fully dedicated to the relaunch.

In 2016, the founder herself died at the age of 86, shortly after which the Chinese owners were forced to lay off a quarter of the employees in a reorganisation. Nevertheless, losses continued to accumulate. Eventually, the curtain fell on the fashion house in July 2019.