Advertising based on actual purchasing behaviour and measuring the ROI of digital campaigns: Carrefour Belgium makes it happen

As the first retailer in Belgium, Carrefour now offers advertisers the possibility to personalise their communication based on customer's buying behaviour, thereby increasing conversion significantly.


Targeted advertising

Retailers are also becoming powerful media: this evolution is not new, but at Carrefour Belgium, they shifted up a gear. "This year, advertisers will be able to use two brand new and powerful digital solutions for their campaigns", says Media Director Vivian Mosselmans. These tools are part of the integrated shopper data, personalisation and media platform Carrefour Links that the retailer launched earlier this year at group level.


The first solution, Criteo, the global leader in retail media solutions, increases the advertising possibilities in the webshop and Carrefour's app. On, advertisers can make use of a multitude of ad formats and contact points on all web pages, but above all, they get the opportunity to target their message precisely: the right message at the right time, aimed at a specific target group.


Detailed reporting

"Today, you advertise the same way you do with a leaflet: each visitor sees the same thing. That is changing: advertisers will be able to communicate much more relevantly based on the purchase profile of the customers to increase conversion. Visitors who identify themselves with their Bonus card on the site or in the app will see specific messages. Brands and agencies receive a detailed report on their campaign in real-time, allowing them to adjust and refine according to the results."


The second solution is LiveRamp, the industry-leading data connectivity platform, for secure and effective use of data. This solution allows for targeted activation campaigns on the open web and social media. "For example, you read the newspaper De Morgen, you often visit second-hand platform, and you are on Facebook, then we will approach you on those sites with targeted messages. With the big advantage for advertisers that these are also end-to-end campaigns: advertisers can measure the in return precisely and in detail."


Relevant data

Is Carrefour a forerunner in this regard? "Definitely! We have a unique model, and we are the only one in Belgium with such a solution. There is no one else who can do this today. Media agencies do offer the possibility of targeted advertising based on socio-demographic criteria, but we base ourselves on the most relevant data you can have: the actual purchasing behaviour. Just because you belong to a specific socio-demographic group does not mean that you will necessarily demonstrate the same behaviour. Buying behaviour is often unique."


Both solutions are already operational in France, and the first results are more than promising: "We see 50 per cent more media activity there and a 15 to 20 per cent increase in sales. Very significant. Now we are also implementing both tools in Belgium. It would be ideal if we can launch this before the end of the year, but in any case, we will be fully set up by the beginning of next year."


Ask your questions

Vivian Mosselmans will reveal more details about the new campaign possibilities from Carrefour Belgium at the Trade & Shopper Marketing Congress by RetailDetail and LD&Co, which takes place on Thursday 30 September in the Antwerp Stadsfeestzaal. After the presentation, he will answer your questions during a Q&A at which a representative of LiveRamp will also participate.


Speakers from PepsiCo and Shopperware, among others, will also be attending the congress. It will be a hybrid event: 200 tickets are available for participants who want to experience the congress in person and Covid-proof. After all, face-to-face networking is possible again. Others can follow the live stream remotely. More info and tickets can be found through this link.