Amazon opens first till-less store outside the US


Amazon has just opened its first international store with "Just Walk Out" technology in Ealing, London. In contrast to what was expected, the store is not a Go convenience store, but a Fresh supermarket.


Small supermarket

Amazon launched its Fresh concept last year in Woodland Hills, California. The new store in London is completely in line with the concept and is, therefore, more of a supermarket than a convenience store. Technologically speaking, the store is identical to a Go. When entering the store, customers simply have to scan a barcode displayed in the US retailer's app. After they have finished shopping, they can just leave the supermarket as the checkout is fully automated.


Since the launch of the first Go, Amazon has greatly improved the technology. The system consists of hundreds of cameras and sensors and uses artificial intelligence. As a result, it can now process customers selecting between different bouquets of flowers, magazines or greeting cards, for example, according to the BBC.


As part of the store opening, Amazon also launched its own brand, "Our Selection", for premium products such as desserts. In addition, the web giant is also working with Morrisons and Booths for several products. The store also includes a counter from which online orders get collected. The total floor space of the store is approximately 230 sq. metres.