Amazon removes tills at Whole Foods

Amazon is expanding its till-free shopping experience to its Whole Foods supermarkets, introducing its Just walk out technology there as well.


More time to "deliver customer experience"

The American retail giant is expanding its Amazon Go technology, also called 'Just walk out', to its Whole Foods chain as well, starting at two stores in Washington DC and California next year. As of yet, it is not known whether Amazon wants to extend the decision to all Whole Foods stores.


The unions are afraid that Amazon's plans will be detrimental to employment at the chain, but the latter says no jobs will be cut at Whole Foods - rather, employees will have more time to "spend even more time interacting with customers and delivering a great shopping experience", TechCrunch quotes the American company.


Earlier this year, Amazon had already announced it wants to remove tills at regular Fresh supermarkets as well. The first such store is being built in Connecticut, although that store will still offer the option to exit through traditional tills as well.