Carrefour Belgium shares product data in consumer app Yuka


Carrefour is the first retailer in Belgium to share the data of its private labels in the popular consumer app Yuka, which gives a health score to food and personal care products.



Carrefour is to share information about the composition, nutritional value and allergens of more than a thousand private label products in the French health app Yuka, which already has more than 23 million users in eleven countries. The smartphone application is also growing in popularity in Belgium, especially in the French-speaking part of the country. By scanning the bar code, consumers can check food and cosmetic products on their health score and possible risks.


For Carrefour, this partnership is a logical step as part of the retailer's Act for Food programme. "Carrefour's mission is to make the best available to everyone. We want to offer consumers more transparency, regardless of the rating system or app used", marketing and digital transformation director at Carrefour Belgium David Kestermans explains. "Consumers should be able to make informed choices." 



For data sharing, Carrefour joins the Consumer Transparency program of data platform Alkemics, which guarantees reliable, automated and constantly updated data transmission. This gives brands back control over the information shared with consumers in real time.


"Our goal is to reconcile brands and retailers with the expectations of their consumers by offering a simple and unique platform for sharing product information to dozens of consumer applications like Yuka", Alkemics CEO Antoine Durieux says. "Carrefour Belgium is now becoming a pioneer in consumer transparency in Belgium, and we hope this approach will convince other retailers to follow suit."