Carrefour franchiser Mestdagh cuts 450 jobs

Carrefour franchiser Mestdagh cuts 450 jobs
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Belgian supermarket group Mestdagh, which runs 83 Carrefour stores in the French speaking part of the country, has revealed the plan with which it wants to become profitable again. 450 jobs will be cut, but no stores will be closed.


Sunday openings

CEO Guillaume Beuscart also announced he wants to open all stores on Sundays as well, according to television chain RTBF. Moreover, he aimes for all the redundancies to be voluntary rather than forced. People who choose to stay, will have to become more flexible and lose their coffee breaks. All these measures would allow Mestdagh to keep all the stores open. 


The Mestdagh group has been unprofitable for four years now, losing 5 million euro on a 575.6 million turnover in 2016. It runs 53 own stores and has 30 more stores run by franchisers, all under the Carrefour Market label and in the south of Belgium.