Carrefour seeks Georges Plassat's successor

Carrefour seeks Georges Plassat's successor

Supermarket company Carrefour is actively looking for a CEO and chairman of the board, to succeed Georges Plassat. His second term will end in May 2018 and it does not seem he will get a third term.

New CEO early next year

According to sources within the company, Plassat asked the board to find a replacement in October. No actual plan has been detailed, but the company is looking at possible candidates already.


Apparently, Plassat prefers an insider, which would allow the same management system to be kept in place. However, the major shareholders want to consider every option, which also paves the way for a possible outsider.


Plassat's term will only end in May 2018, but it could very well be the case that his successor is named in May 2017, at the next General Assembly. Plassat and his successor would then get a year to collaborate, to facilitate the transition.