Coca-Cola will launch new marketing strategy

Coca-Cola will launch new marketing strategy

Coca-Cola will launch a new worldwide single-brand marketing campaign to unite Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life into one single, worldwide creative campaign called "Taste the Feeling".


Iconic brand campaign

"We accept that more than ever people want to drink their Coca-Cola in different ways, but despite the flavour, it is a Coca-Cola brand they want, with a deliciously refreshing and great taste", The Coca-Cola Company's Chief Marketing Officer Marcos de Quinto said.


"Thanks to this single-brand strategy, we move away from the individual brands' campaigns to a single iconic brand campaign, designed to highlight both the product and the brand."


10 commercials

Coca-Cola developed 10 separate television commercials for "Taste the Feeling", more than 100 campaign photographs, a new visual identification system, a new tune and audio signature and a shareable digital experience.


The commercials should give the viewer a short but intimate view on an everyday story of emotions and experiences people share while they enjoy an ice-cold Coca-Cola.


At the end of every commercial, the four Coca-Cola flavours will be shown underneath the well-known Coca-Cola disc. Belgian and Dutch commercials will be identical to those in Japan, Italy, Mexico and the rest of the world.