Costa Coffee expands to Belgium

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Costa Coffee, the world's second biggest coffee chain, wants to conquer the Belgian market. The Coca Cola subsidiary will reveal the location of its first Belgian store later this month.


First in Benelux

The chain, which was founded in London exactly fifty years ago, promises to announce more details about its Belgian expansion later this month. Although Costa Coffee has over 4,000 locations worldwide (of which almost 2,500 in the United Kingdom), the chain is yet to open its first location in the Benelux. It is, however, already active in neighbouring France and Germany - albeit with a very small presence.


With a turnover of almost 1.5 billion euros, Costa Coffee is the world's second biggest coffee chain - only behind American rival Starbucks. The chain was bought by Coca Cola in 2018. It offers coffee machines to professionals and - since a few years - coffee cans to the large public.