Emté supermarkets split between Jumbo and Coop

Emté supermarkets split between Jumbo and Coop

Jumbo and Coop have announced how they will split the Emté supermarkets they have acquired. 79 will go to Jumbo and 51 will become Coop supermarkets.

Preliminary split

Earlier this month, supermarket firms Jumbo and Coop announced they would acquire Sligro Food Group’s underperforming Emté supermarkets together. They signed a 410 million euro sales agreement with Sligro Food Group, which not only included the 130 Emté stores (for 275 million euro), but also its distribution center in Kapelle and Putten, its meat factory in Enschede and its supporting divisions in Veghel.


Both supermarket companies have now informed the stores who will be their future employer: Jumbo will transform 66 stores and 13 franchise stores into Jumbo stores and Coop will do the same for 30 stores and 21 franchise stores. The deal has not yet been finalized, because the Autoriteit Consument en Markt (ACM, Authority Consumer and Market) still has to approve the deal in the upcoming months and Sligro’s pending advice from its board.


Expectations are that the transition and transformation will be finalized sometime in 2019. Every store is located in the Netherlands, but Jumbo announced last week it would like to open about thirty stores in Belgium next year.