Exki loses 40% turnover to coronavirus

Exki restaurant in Brussels
Photo: PP Photos / Shutterstock.com

Exki has to do with 40% less turnover as a result of the pandemic. Due to the lack of international tourism and the absence of many commuters, some branches of the chain remain temporarily closed.


Too expensive to stay open

Some locations are just too expensive to keep open, even today. That's what lunch and breakfast chain Exki decided after a stress test. Several branches therefore closed again after the lockdown and remain closed for the time being. These include two branches in the Brussels-Midi train station, because passenger traffic with the TGV and the Eurostar is still at a low level there.

The branch at Brussels airport also has 85% less turnover than usual, confirms CEO Frederic Rouvez to De Standaard. The problel is that working from home remains the norm, both in Belgium and France, where Exki also has branches. Since the stress test, the sales outlet in the Ravenstein gallery near Central station has also been closed.


Small towns are still alive

In total, the corona crisis costs Exki 40% of its usual turnover. Although the chain can benefit to a limited extent from the closure of many company canteens, it is notable that large cities such as Brussels and Paris are suffering from an exodus. "Exki restaurants in small towns are doing remarkably better," said Rouvez. "People in Belgium or France shop in smaller, nearby towns and come and eat a sandwich or salad".

To deal with the corona problems, the chain announced a capital increase of three million euros a fortnight ago. With that money, the healthy fast food concept wants to invest in digitisation and a new large kitchen, among other things.