Fifth straight year of growth for Carrefour

Fifth straight year of growth for Carrefour

In the past fiscal year, French supermarket chain Carrefour's like-for-like turnover grew for the fifth straight year, this time + 2.7 %. Including exchange rate fluctuations, there was a 0.7 % drop, mainly because of China and Latin America.

Biggest growth in Europe? Spain

Carrefour generated a 23.366 billion euro turnover in its fourth quarter, up 4.2 % compared to the year before. Brazil achieved the highest growth percentage, up 33.1 %, 9 % on a like-for-like basis.


Spain was the best student in Europe, with a 3.4 % growth. France and Belgium both achieved about 1 % growth, while Italy dropped 1.5 %.


For its full fiscal year, Carrefour's turnover reached 85.7 billion euro, a 2.7 % increase if exchange rate fluctuations are ignored. On a like-for-like basis, turnover grew 3 %.


International growth

Carrefour's international growth was the main contributor to this turnover increase. France actually dropped 1.2 % (at level exchange rates) to 40.126 billion euro, although a like-for-like comparison would result in a 0.3 % increase. Its hypermarkets were the main source of turnover drops, while its smaller formulas were all on the rise.


Internationally, turnover grew 6.1 % to 45.574 billion euro, with a 4.9 % like-for-like turnover growth. In the rest of Europe, Carrefour achieved a 1.9 % growth, while Latin America even jumped up 16.6 %. The Asian adventure was not as positive, because Carrefour got hammered 4.1 % in this market.