German supermarket removes every foreign product

German supermarket removes every foreign product

A Hamburg-based store belonging to the German supermarket chain Edeka has removed every product not made in Germany. It wants to make a statement against racism.

Plenty of reactions on social media

The result is that the supermarket has a lot of empty shelves, now filled with anti-racism slogans like “This is how a shelf without strangers looks like” and “We will be poorer off without diversity”. 


“Edeka represents variety and diversity”, a spokesperson for the supermarket chain explained. “We sell a lot of items created in every German region, but we can only create variety thanks to the products created elsewhere. Our customers value our unique variety and we are happy that our campaign has generated so many positive reactions.”


The move went viral on social media, where images of the empty-shelved store spread like wildfire. Some consumers however feel that this shows that supermarkets have to make an additional effort to sell local items. The shelves were only empty for a day, because the next day, Edeka filled the store once more.