Jumbo starts Belgian daughter company

Jumbo starts Belgian daughter company
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Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo has made another important step towards its expansion in Belgium: it has founded the company "bvba Jumbo Belgium".


New step

Belgian business newspaper De Tijd discovered the existence of the new company in the Belgisch Staatsblad (government gazette of Belgium). Rumours about the Belgian expansion of Jumbo have existed since 2017, but were quickly denied by Jumbo. Nevertheless, real estate agents told RetailDetail that they had already started a search for up to thirty suitable locations. Later on a first location was found in North-Belgian Bree (as of yet still officially unconfirmed), the only official sign up till now was a job ad for a Belgian real estate manager.


Jumbo is the second largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands, only behind Albert Heijn. Owners are the Van Eerd family, who also own restaurant chain La Place since the demise of its former owner V&D. Jumbo has three formats: regular supermarkets between 800 and 1800 sqm, smaller Jumbo City stores and four large Foodmarkt stors, in which the chain adds restaurant experiences to the grocery shopping.