Jumbo trials delivery subscription


Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo is testing a delivery subscription: for a monthly fee of between 8 and 12 euros, subscribers do not have to pay additional delivery charges for online orders.


8 to 12 euros per month

The trial has been running since the summer, with 7,000 customers taking part. The pilot project will be evaluated at the end of this year, Distrifood reports. In exchange for a fixed monthly amount, participants can place a maximum of one order per day without ordering costs. However, there is a minimum order value of 50 euros.


Customers can choose from four formulas, with the price depending on the duration of the contract (six months or a year) and the service level (ordering from Tuesday to Thursday or every day of the week). Apart from the legal cooling-off period of 14 days immediately after the conclusion of the contract, the subscriptions cannot be cancelled early.