McDonald's launches its own line of meat substitutes

McDonald's burger
Foto McDonald's

McPlant is the name of a series of meat substitutes that McDonald's is developing. Among other things, the burger chain will make imitations of chicken and meat for breakfast rolls.


Impact on Beyond Meat

Already in the course of next year the new products would be on the menu in a number of countries, although McDonald's gave no further details. The McPlant line would initially consist of a vegetable burger, substitutes for chicken meat and meat for breakfast rolls, writes USA Today.

The news that McDonald's would produce the meat substitutes itself caused unrest at the American stock exchange. Last year, the fast food giant was already testing a vegetable burger from Beyond Meat in Canada under the name PLT (Plant-Lettuce-Tomato). Yesterday, the Beyond Meat share was hit hard. Later on, the share price recovered for the most part, when it appeared that Beyond Meat was also involved in the development of McPlant.

As is well known, meat substitutes are becoming increasingly popular and hamburger restaurants have to adapt as well. Since last year, McDonald's major competitor, Burger King, has been selling the Impossible whopper, a vegetable burger developed by Impossible Foods. But because this burger is not allowed to be sold in Europe, Burger King is working with the Vegetarian Butcher for the European market.