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The Future of Food

What do Jef Colruyt, Alexandre Bompard and Frans Muller all agree about? About The Future of Food, the new book by Jorg Snoeck and Stefan Van Rompaey: "A 'must read' for every food professional!"


Ideal Christmas gift

The food sector is at a turning point. How can we continue to feed a growing world population in a healthy and sustainable manner? Jorg Snoeck and Stefan Van Rompaey have written a well-documented book about this trending topic. It is the long-awaited successor to The Future of Shopping (2018), which sold 20,000 copies!

Will we still be eating meat in the future? Will our meals come out of a 3D printer? Will there still be supermarkets tomorrow? A fascinating journey of discovery takes the reader from urban agriculture to sea farms, from cultured meat laboratories to hyper-personalised food advice based on artificial intelligence, and from the hybrid supermarket to new, digital platform models.

This book is an ideal Christmas gift for your employees and/or business relations. And for yourself, of course. Available in Dutch and English.

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This is what top managers say about The Future of Food:

"This book nicely shows how dynamic the food industry really is. The challenges are great, solutions lie in cooperation throughout the chain, from farmer to consumer."

Frans Muller, CEO Ahold Delhaize


"As retailers we can continue to play an important role in the future of food. Innovating, constantly reinventing ourselves in the interest of consumer health - while taking into account factors such as the environment, animal welfare and society at large. Step by step, continuing to make a positive difference is and remains the message. This book shows that the future is challenging, but full of opportunities that we are very happy to seize with both hands, together with our various partners."

Jef Colruyt, CEO Colruyt Group


"Jorg Snoeck and Stefan Van Rompaey explore all the angles of the complex equation that the players in the food chain are now confronted with: how can we combine higher quality, respect for the environment and attractive prices all while investing massively in new distribution channels - particularly digital. This is what makes our job as retailers so difficult and noble, and why Carrefour made the “food transition for all” its raison d'être. On its journey the challenges are as immense as they are exciting, and this book serves as a superb introduction."

Alexandre Bompard, Chairman & CEO, Carrefour Group


"The Future of Food has it all... The book covers all the challenges and opportunities facing our wonderful sector. The work reads like a thriller for anyone with a passion in food. A range of topics are covered, for reflection for every manufacturer or distributor, small or large, local or international. The telling examples illustrate the complex revolution and transformation in food. Food is emotion. It is therefore more important than ever to understand the consumer and to offer the right solutions together with all parties concerned."

Wim Destoop, VP General Manager PepsiCo North-West Europe


"We are at the doorstep of one of the biggest changes in the food industry. Greatly altering consumer requirements paired with the need to use our planet's resources more responsibly will lead to an unprecedented wave of innovation. Jorg Snoeck and Stefan Van Rompaey illustrate that with great clarity and precision. This book is a wonderful compendium of the various trends that will lead to exponential change. Their book is a powerful wake-up call but also a guide to encouraging perspectives. We at Zintinus share many of their views and are fully committed to do our best to actively contribute to the transformation of the food industry. For the good of planet, people and investors."

Olaf Koch, Partner Zintinus and former CEO Metro


"For me, this is the most comprehensive work I have seen to date on the many new food trends and the evolution of the sustainability aspect in the production of new food products. Moreover, the book places these trends in the context of a rapidly evolving way in which food gets from the field to the consumer. All the new technologies and ideas that are being studied and implemented around the world today are described in great detail with appropriate links to concrete examples. The knowledge I am gaining here only reinforces our view that retailers with a strong locally embedded footprint (a well spread and dense network of shops) will be able to bring the new healthy and sustainable breakfast, lunch and dinner to the table in an efficient and sustainable way. The retailers who succeed in incorporating all these new products and technologies into their business model will win the attention of consumers and become the champions in completing the last mile. This book will be required reading for the top 250 people in our company."

Hein Deprez, co-CEO Greenyard


"It is clear that almost all industries today are undergoing radical technological and social developments. The food sector is not only part of this but is also attracting a great deal of attention, as it not only has a major impact on society but also concerns us all very closely on a personal level. A better understanding of what is happening and what will happen next is therefore not only very useful but also very topical. The authors once again provide their readers with a fascinating glimpse of the future, which can indeed be very positive for the food sector, as long as all the participants in the value chain play their part to the full. This book is highly recommended for anyone who takes the future of food to heart."

Dirk Van den Berghe, board member and advisor, former Executive Vice President and CEO Asia, Canada and Global Sourcing Walmart Inc.


"I have known for a long time that Jorg and Stefan are top players in the world of retail. We have done several interesting retail hunts together all over the world. What we saw there was clearly reflected in the book. After this pandemic, it is our responsibility to work together to motivate people to live healthier and happier lives. This will require a transition from mass consumption to more conscious and sustainable consumption, and therefore a switch to a more plant-based diet. At Foodmaker, we can only applaud this. From 'farm to fork', plant-based and supported by technology is the only right way to keep a pandemic at bay. Super interesting book! Thank you for the interesting time together!"

Lieven Vanlommel, CEO Foodmaker


"Future of Food is an interesting and very readable summary of just about all the developments and challenges in the food chain and what they could mean for food retail and foodservice."

Koen Slippens, CEO Sligro Food Group


"In 'The Future of Food' we are taken into the fascinating and inspiring world of food. For those who believe that almost nothing will or can change in the food market: an 'eye opener'. Jorg and Stefan succeed in dissecting the complex food ecosystem, where everything is connected to everything else, and come up with surprising insights into future scenarios. Highly recommended for everyone, a must for every food professional. Lots of reading pleasure."

Nils van Dam, CEO Milcobel