Russia extends European food boycott until 2018

Russian president Vladimir Putin has prolonged the ban on food import from the European Union until the end of 2017, as a reaction to the prolonged economic sanctions the EU has placed on Russia after its invasion of the Ukraine.

Fourth time 

Putin's reaction was to be expected after the European Union prolonged its own economic sanctions against Russia for another six months. They were first issued two years ago when Russia annexed the Crimea region and the war on the Ukraine-Russian border. 


While the European sanctions have mostly targeted the Russian financial, military and energy industries, Russia on the other hand targets the European food export industry: fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy are no longer allowed.


The sanctions against Russia have been prolonged for the fourth time, each time with six months. Even though both parties feel the need for the situation to be resolved, there is no end in sight, to the despair of many European farmers and food manufacturers.