Sligro Food Group acquires JAVA Foodservice

Sligro Food Group acquires JAVA Foodservice

Dutch Sligro Food Group has acquired Belgian JAVA Foodservice's shares. The company is focused on a few very specific markets in Belgium: institutional, company catering and several hotel chains.

Split off The JAVA Coffee Company

“With the JAVA Foodservice acquisition, Sligro Food Group moves an important step towards becoming a leading player in the Belgian food service market. Not only is JAVA a wonderful company with plenty of potential, it will also support the launch of the Sligro formula in the Belgian market", Sligro Food Group's CEO, Koen Slippens, said.


The Claes family owned JAVA Foodservice, but has decided to sell it while keeping hold of The JAVA Coffee Company, specialized in the manufacturing and sale of coffee.


“We were increasingly convinced that to solidify and strengthen our market position could only be achieved if we sold JAVA Foodservice's activities to Sligro Food Group and kept The JAVA Coffee Company. We will also keep working with JAVA Foodservice and Sligro Food Group in the Netherlands", Java Foodservice and The Java Coffee Company's CEO, Wim Claes, said.


Board will survive acquisition

Wim Claes will stay on as JAVA Foodservice's CEO until 1 July, accompanying Erik Veyt and Chris Teugels as they take the daily reigns over JAVA Foodservice. Both are already part of the company's board, which will stay on after the acquisition.


JAVA, a family-run business with more than 90 years of experience, is one Belgium's largest food service companies. It employs 280 people and managed a 129 million euro turnover in 2015.