Swiss Lidl stores no longer give receipts

Swiss Lidl stores no longer give receipts

Lidl Switzerland no longer automatically gives customers a receipt, but will rather ask every customer whether they want one. This way, the discount chain hopes to cut down on its paper usage.

Save 30 tons of paper

The aim is to implement the new system in all of Lidl Switzerland's 109 stores by the end of next month, in a cost-saving measure that should lower its annual paper usage by 30 tons. It extensively tested the system in a range of stores and the result was not only that its paper waste was lowered, the stores also turned out to be cleaner.


The chain is now examining whether it can eliminate the automatic receipt in other countries as well. It will need to alter the system somewhat to make that happen, especially in countries where Lidl also sells non-food as the receipt then also counts as the product's warranty.