Ikea abandons set route in new concept


Ikea is trialling a new store concept in Shanghai, built around "meaningful customer experiences", events and sustainability - but without the typical set route.


No set route

The concept, entitled 'Home Experience of Tomorrow', focuses on "emotional and empowering customer experiences". The most striking break from the past is the disappearance of the set walking route typical of Ikea stores. Instead, there will be a mix of lively spaces for events and co-creation and quiet areas for visitors to unwind. Colours will help to easily navigate each area, giving visitors more choice in how they want to spend their time in the store.


Visitors - after all, a store that wants to be more than a store no longer speaks of 'customers' - will be able to connect in 'community hubs', physical spaces designed for workshops and knowledge sharing. Examples include activities such as product launches and cookery classes. There is also a studio where employees and influencers can create content. An example of such a hub is the 'makers hub', where customers and local experts can share their skills and work on circular projects focusing on customising and repairing.