Logistics crisis? Ikea simply buys shipping containers


Tired of persistent delays with deliveries, Ikea is taking matters into its own hands. The Swedish furniture giant will buy its own containers and charter its own ships, in order to no longer be dependent on others.


Price increased fivefold

By now, the problem is widely known: the aftermath of the Covid crisis is causing tremendous delays in international logistics - not to mention the substantial delays after the grounding of the Ever Given. However, it is not only about time but also about money: according to Dutch news channel RTL Nieuws, the price that shipping companies charge for freight has increased fivefold. 


For a company like Ikea, this is even more pressing because if the Covid crisis has taught us one thing, it is the importance of a comfortable home. Consumers spent a lot of extra money - which they could not spend on travel - on their homes. A considerable increase in demand and a substantial decrease in supply: you do not need to be an economist to know that this becomes an issue. 


To Europe by train

Shipping companies' containers have become very delayed and expensive, and Ikea hopes to solve that problem by purchasing containers and chartering ships. However, the chain does not want to reveal much more details about this. It did, however, say it will also diversify: the Swedes want to transport more and more goods by train from China to Europe. 


And as for the questions on what Ikea can do with the shipping containers when this logistic crisis is over, the British website of the chain already hints at the possibility of the Swedes becoming real estate giants as well...