3,000 jobs at risk at El Corte Inglés


Spanish department store chain El Corte Inglés is to undertake a major restructuring as a result of the corona crisis and the shift of sales to online. Some 3,000 jobs would be lost in the process.


Staff surplus

According to the management, the retail chain has an excess staff of 3,000 to 3,500 people, both shop staff and office staff. The main reason is increasing online sales. The trade unions were informed on Saturday. El Corte Inglés hopes that as many people as possible will leave on a voluntary basis.

The well-known Spanish department store chain, founded in Madrid in 1940, is one of the country's most important private employers with 63,000 employees. The company has a hundred or so branches in Spain and two in Portugal, writes FashionNetwork.

Besides the shift to online, the company was also hit hard by the corona crisis. During the first months of the crisis, El Corte Inglés suffered a sales loss of 510 million euros.