Amazon hit with record fine due to GDPR violation

Luxembourg's privacy watchdog CNPD has fined Amazon a record 746 million euros for a breach of GDPR.


"Out of proportion"

It is not entirely clear what Amazon is being charged with, and the CNPD itself has not yet commented on the matter. According to Amazon, the dispute revolves around how it has processed personal data for advertising purposes.


Amazon has already announced that it will appeal the decision. It says the decision by watchdog is based on "subjective and unverified" interpretations of European data protection law, and that the fine is "completely disproportionate."


Highest European fine ever

The fine is the highest ever handed out by a privacy watchdog in an EU member state. Since GDPR came into effect in May 2018, EU countries can impose fines of up to 4 % of a company's worldwide turnover.


Amazon has its European headquarters in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which is why it is the local regulator has to monitor compliance with the privacy rules.