France to reopen stores on 19 May

In an interview with some regional newspapers, President Emmanuel Macron clarified his exit strategy from the lockdown. On May 19, all stores are allowed to open again.



Macron foresees four stages to gradually reopen the country, reports Le Parisien. Between each stage there will be enough time to evaluate the measures and, if the situation allows it, to move on to the next step.


The reopening of all stores is planned for the second stage, on 19 May. On that day, not only stores will reopen, but also, for example, terraces, museums and cinemas. However, there will be restrictions on the number of visitors present at the same time, depending on the place and the activity concerned.


On 9 June, France plans to reopen cafés and restaurants, albeit with a maximum of six people per table. Under strict conditions, large events such as fairs and sporting events would also be allowed to host up to 5,000 spectators. Macron might opt for a system of health passes, whereby only people who can present a negative corona test or who have already been vaccinated will be allowed access