French court investigates illegal cash transactions at Fnac Darty

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French chain Fnac Darty is having a run-in with the French courts, who suspect the chain of money laundering and criminal conspiracy. The case revolves around alleged illegal cash transactions at around fifteen stores in and around Paris.


Cash payments exceeding legal limit

The news was first reported by news site Mediapart, and subsequently confirmed by press agency AFP. The case emerged back in May: according to information from Mediapart, between 2014 and 2021, several purchases were made at stores belonging to the group, with cash payments exceeding the legal limit of 1,000 euros for French individuals and companies. The total amount involved was one and a half million euros.


What is even more incriminating is that a system has allegedly been set up in fifteen shops in and around Paris to mask large cash payments - Mediapart reports amounts up to 47,000 euros - and thus bypassing the law.


It is currently unclear who was involved in the case. In a statement to AFP, Fnac Darty says that it took the initiative to inform the Paris prosecutor about "potential irregularities". According to Mediapart, four store managers and a sales manager have since been fired.