Uncertainty trumps Auchan: 1,000 jobs in jeopardy?

Uncertainty trumps Auchan: 1,000 jobs in jeopardy?

Yesterday afternoon, Auchan’s management and unions were at the negotiating table. The trade unions are worried about a possible new redundancy plan that would mean the loss of at least a thousand jobs.

Still no confirmation

Last week there were rumors of a new restructuring plan for the French hypermarket chain Auchan. It was Le Parisien that broke the news first: the newspaper reported that Auchan would present a "voluntary departure plan" in January, which would involve the loss of at least a thousand jobs in the supermarket chain.


Yesterday afternoon, the management received the trade unions for consultation, but this meeting did not make matters any clearer at all. "Concerns are justified when the company is in economic difficulties’, Gérald Villeroy, trade union representative of CGT, told France 3 after the meeting. "Today, I won’t worry or reassure anyone because I don’t have any information," he said.


Auchan already launched a recovery plan in the spring of last year, where 21 branches would close, and 700 to 800 people would lose their jobs. In July, the management reported that a buyer had already been found for 10 of those 21 stores. In 2018, Auchan recorded a net loss of 1.14 billion euros.