Amazon to open physical electronics stores?

Amazon to open physical electronics stores?

Is Amazon not only planning a physical book store, but also a physical electronics store? In any case, the eCommerce giant has been experimenting with similar pop-up stores for the past two years.

Show its own products

American store research firm Field Agent sent one of its employees to Amazon's pop-up store in San Francisco's Westfield Centre mall and concluded that the store was not only "well supplied and organized", but he was "also impressed" with the voice-operated wireless Echo speaker, a recent topic on RetailDetail.


The pop-up store had an entire Amazon product range of electronics, including the Echo, the Fire tablets and the Fire TV gateway. In addition to these items, it had other manufacturers' accessories on display, like Bose headphones and Bluetooth speakers). For those interested, the store also carried Amazon sweaters.


The etailer has experimented with pop-up stores for a while, like its previous temporary stores in San Francisco, Sacramento, New York, Tel Aviv and Berlin. Whether Amazon is actually considering a move to actual electronics stores (similar to its book stores in Seattle and San Diego) and is trialing it now, remains to be seen. It could also be that Amazon is just informing its audience about its electronics product range. Which ever it is, only Amazon knows.