Amazon surprises with the Treasure Truck

Amazon surprises with the Treasure Truck

American online retailer Amazon introduced the Treasure Truck in Seattle recently. It delivers specific products at particular spots in the city in a very special way.

Flash sales

Consumers who want to get to see the Treasure Truck, will have to order one of the Treasure Truck-linked products from Amazon's mobile app. This is the company's attempt to push people to the app. The truck only sells a limited number of particular products, which means consumers have to be quick to order.


Customers can get alerts that inform them about the truck's whereabouts. At that time, they can order from the products on sale that day.


The Treasure Truck is another one of Amazon's steps into physical retail. Over the past few years, the company introduced several offline formulas, like pop-up stores and its own book store, which - according to rumours - could turn into an entire book store chain.