More than 100 brands added to Amazon Dash

More than 100 brands added to Amazon Dash

Amazon has added more than 100 brands to Amazon Dash, a device that allows Amazon customers to order a product with a mere push of a button.

Free device

The Amazon Dash device is about the size of a keychain and has only one button, ordering a single item on Amazon. When a user notices he has run out of a particular item, he can press the Amazon Dash device to quickly order it - at Amazon, obviously.


Amazon Dash was launched about a year ago and used to contain about 30 brands, but the American online retailer has now added another 100 to its Dash service recently. Both customers and brands asked Amazon to expand the service, the company claims.


Amazon Dash costs 4.99 dollars, but the first order gives customers a 4.99 dollar discount, which basically means it is free. However, only Amazon Prime subscribers can actually obtain an Amazon Dash.