Source takes back Amazon bookstore chain remark

Source takes back Amazon bookstore chain remark

Yesterday, rumours surfaced that Amazon had plans for a bookstore chain with up to 400 stores in the United States. A shopping mall manager confirmed the news, but he now takes back his previous statement. 

No clarity about Amazon's plans

Sandeep Mathrani, General Growth Properties CEO and the man who revealed the news, told CNBC that his statements were misinterpreted. He added his statements were just speculation and not indicative of what Amazon is planning.


However, this does not mean that Amazon's plans for a bookstore chain are false. It is merely a fact that there is no certainty or clarity about the plan. Amazon currently has one bookstore in its home base, Seattle, with plans for a second one in California.  


There is a team inside the company, led by Steve Kessel, that develops physical stores but it is unclear what they are currently working on. It may be the case that Amazon is thinking about more than just bookstores.