RetailDetail Fashion Congress 2021

RetailDetail Fashion Congress 2021

25-03-2021 10:00 - 25-03-2021 13:00

Digital Only event

Meir 78

2000 Antwerp

RetailDetail Fashion Congress 2021

Is the business model of low-priced disposable fashion still tenable? Big names in the fashion sector are arguing for a turnaround. Does corona mean a tipping point? Local and international fashion retailers bring their vision of tomorrow's fashion.  

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  • 10:00 – 10u05: Reception

  • 10u05 – 10u35: Presentation Dwayne Branch

  • 10u35 – 11u05: Presentation Peter De Sutter

  • 11u05 – 11u15: break 

  • 11u15 – 11u45: Presentation Dirk Smet

  • 11u45 – 12u15: Presentation Laurent Mainil



Dwayne Branch - Senior Manager - Financial Advisory, Deloitte Belgium
Read the interview with Dwayne (in Dutch) here!

Setting the scene – the challenges and opportunities post Covid-19

COVID-19 has accelerated the changes to many consumer businesses. Fashion is no different. We will look at how COVID-19 has impacted businesses in the fashion industry and highlight the areas of focus coming out of the crisis.



Laurent Mainil - CEO - Crunch Analytics
Read the interview with Laurent (in Dutch) here!

How fashion retailers can use data & AI to build a new, sustainable fashion model

More than a decade of digitization enabled the rise of fast fashion, e-commerce -, and omnichannel fashion retail. More digital touchpoints resulted in more data, eagerly collected by frontrunners in the industry. These large data sets, combined with ever more advanced AI-techniques, are the key to finding new sustainable business models in fashion retail. 

In this talk, we will briefly look at what has worked for these frontrunners and what hasn't. We will explain what lessons-learned are most important for mid-size European fashion retail - going forward - and refer to specific use cases. Most importantly, we will provide the most-needed inspiration on how fashion retailers can use these technologies to build a new, sustainable business model.



Dirk Smet - Founder - WASTED Atelier
Read the interview with Dirk (in Dutch) here!

What if deadstock fabrics were real treasures?

- Presentation of WASTED Atelier
- Rebel in the fashion landscape
- Difference between sustainable fashion and upcycling
- Limited editions made in Belgium at competitive prices




Peter De Sutter - Managing Director - e5
Read the interview with Peter (in Dutch or French) here!

e5 Fashion; Disposed? Disposable? Or corona- & future proof?


Practical information


  • Both presentation and slides will be in English, unless communicated otherwise.

  • You will receive the link to follow along one day in advance by email.