Mo Aarab - Internet of Things introduction



General Management, Non-IT


Wat kan ik leren?

covers the basics of IoT and the several types of IoT systems as applied in in retail industry such counting customers, indoor positioning, customer behavior, touch points, shopping assistants, product information, shelf control, …

The technology is explained by real life business cases and for every case what the benefits are for the retailer.


Waarom is dit iets voor mij?

IoT is crucial for any retail company, IoT is the perfect tool to collect data (customer, item tracking, environment conditions,) and to interact with customers on the shop floor. In this course you will get enough basic information on what IoT is and how to apply it in your business innovation.


Wat kan ik er in de praktijk mee?

Enough insight of IoT to gain more in-depth knowledge on why, where and how to apply.

Distinguish the reality from the hype and choosing the right technology.

Overview of the total picture of investments and how to implement your IoT innovation roadmap.


Hoe interactief is de workshop?

Het is geen workshop maar een introductie opleiding.



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