C&A closing 30 stores in France

C&A closing 30 stores in France

Fashion chain C&A has announced the closure of 30 French stores. As a result, 200 jobs are jeopardized. This is the second wave of closures in less than a year.

Declining sales figures

The closures were announced at a works council meeting at the end of last week, writes BFMTV. During this meeting, the Dutch fashion chain referred to the declining turnover in France. This is the second reorganization in less than a year. Last year, fourteen branches also had to close their doors.


"The goal is to save as many jobs as possible by transferring personnel to other branches. But given the distance between the shops, this is not always easy. During the previous closures, we were only able to transfer 14 out of 100 staff members," says union representative Maria Rodrigues. The new wave of closures could lead to the loss of 200 jobs.


Meanwhile, the closure plan has also been confirmed by the management of C&A. We must "be able to adapt to the requirements of the constantly evolving sector of textile distribution and to restore profitability." At the beginning of last year (i.e. before the first closures), C&A still had 160 stores and 2,800 employees in France. Since 2016, the company has seen its turnover decrease in France, partly due to the rise of e-commerce.