Albert Heijn biggest loser after Jumbo enters Rijkevorsel

Jumbo Pelt

The supermarket Dutch chain Jumbo recently opened in Rijkevorsel, its second on Belgian soil, can achieve a local market share of 21.5 % by 2020. The newcomer would hurt Albert Heijn, Aldi and Lidl in particular, according to a forecast by analyst Shopperware.


Delhaize new market leader

Almost 15,000 people live in the Rijkevorsel market area, with a food turnover of 48 million euros. Until a few days ago, that amount was divided among five supermarkets: Albert Heijn, Delhaize, Carrefour, Lidl and Aldi. After the opening of the new supermarket by Jumbo, that picture could look completely different, retail expert Dirk Vanderveken from Shopperware says. According to him, the biggest loser will be the current local market leader, Albert Heijn.


That chain has a 27.6 % market share today, but that will probably drop to 21.3 % - relegating AH locally to third place. Lidl and Aldi will also have to give up market share and turnover, as will Carrefour. "Jumbo will mainly cannibalise on Aldi, Lidl and Albert Heijn, for two reasons", Vanderveken predicts: "Aldi and Albert Heijn are in the same retail park, while Jumbo's low price perception will attract shoppers from Aldi and Lidl."


According to the forecast, Delhaize would become the new market leader in the market area, with a share of 21.7 % (compared to 25.7 % now). Jumbo is number two (21.5 %) just before Albert Heijn (21.3 %).