Carrefour completes acquisition of Spanish Supersol supermarkets

Carrefour has finally completed the acquisition of Supersol in Spain. For 78 million euro, the French chain acquires 172 convenience stores and supermarkets, mainly located in Andalusia and the Madrid region.


Stimulus for e-commerce

The intention to take over the company was already announced in the summer of last year. The Supersol shops were part of the Lithuanian Maxima Group. Through the transaction Carrefour strengthens its position as number 2 in the Spanish supermarket landscape.


As previously reported, Carrefour wants to convert the recently acquired stores to branches of Express, Market or Supeco. That transformation should be completed by the end of this year. The French retailer wants to improve the sales density (turnover per square metre) of the stores and optimise the cost structure. The whole operation should increase Carrefour Spain's ebitda by about 50 million euros by 2023.


Furthermore, Carrefour expects the acquisition to also boost the development of e-commerce. Since some 90% of the acquired stores are located in major cities like Madrid and Seville, the supermarket chain also wants to use them as pick-up points for online orders.