"Don't buy Coca-Cola": remarkable recycling campaign

Coca-Cola spoort consumenten aan om te recycleren

With the remarkable slogan "Don't buy Coca-Cola if you don't help us recycle", the soft drink producer pushes more consumers into recycling the packages. The campaign is first launched in Belgium.


Different message

The new, atypical marketing campaign fits in the company's environmental targets that were set in 2017: in 2025 at the very latest, the drinks producer wants all of its packages to be recycled and plastic bottles should by then be made of at least 50 % recycled plastics. The striking new slogan wants to focus consumers' attention to these targets, and make them help the company realising the goals. An ad on TV, online and on summer festivals will help the recycling message to get attention.


The campaign is a worldwide first for Belgium, and the Netherlands are to follow suit soon. "As a market leader, we want to be the leader in every aspect - also in packaging. We have to reduce the use of packaging and insist that everything - also plastic - is returned. The future, we think, is circular: every used packaging can be turned into a new one", director BeLux Etienne Gossart says.