Jumbo is looking for Belgian real estate

Jumbo is looking for Belgian real estate

It was no secret that Jumbo was looking at Belgium, but the Dutch supermarket chain has now put up a job position for someone who has to look for ideal store locations.


New team for Belgium

Meike Wortelboer, corporate recruiter at Jumbo, shared a job application for an “experienced acquirer”. “Jumbo is looking at opportunities to open stores in Belgium. Based on careful market research, we are collecting the Belgian consumer’s needs and desires. Jumbo is looking at this information to see whether it would need to adapt its product range. The current market research focuses on the right Belgian locations. That is why we are currently looking for an experience acquirer for Belgium”, it states.


He or she will need to work with the contract manager, casco manager and store portfolio manager to prepare the Belgian expansion.


Jumbo’s first Belgian location was already revealed a while ago: Bree (in Limburg) will be the first, but no information about its opening has been revealed just yet. Jumbo has always said it will take its time for its Belgian expansion, but it does forecast 30 stores in 2019.