New CEO for Ikea

New CEO for Ikea
Foto: Inter Ikea

As of September, Jon Abrahamsson Ring will be the CEO of Inter Ikea, the company that manages the intellectual property of the Swedish furniture chain. He has been a close associate of founder Ingvar Kamprad for four years.



Abrahamsson Ring is succeeding Torbjörn Lööf, who has led the company for seven years. Currently he heads the Franchising department, but before that he was an assistant of Ikea's founder Kamprad. It is unclear whether his appointment has anything to do with that.


Lööf joined the Swedish chain in 1989 and has held various managerial positions in the company. He became CEO of Inter Ikea in 2013, leading the company through a major transformation: it now mainly focuses on smaller city shops and invests a lot in online applications. Under Lööf's leadership, it also expanded to fifteen new markets.