Colruyt and Decathlon sign European Commission's 'green pledge'

Europese Commissie

The European Commission has given the go-ahead for its so-called 'green consumption pledge' which is part of the European Climate Pact. Participants in the pilot project include Colruyt Group, Decathlon and L'Oréal.


"Enabling green choices"

Companies that take part in the project promise to step up their contribution to a green transition. The commitments they make should accelerate a sustainable economic recovery and promote consumer confidence in the environmental performance of companies and products. Colruyt Group, Decathlon, LEGO Group, L'Oréal and Renewd are the first companies to participate in the trial project.


"Empowering consumers to make green choices - that was our goal last autumn when we announced the new Consumer Agenda. To make informed choices, consumers need more transparency on the carbon footprint and sustainability of products. That is what today's initiative is about," said Didier Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice.


5 key pledges

The green consumption pledge is based on a series of five key promises. Participating companies have to take concrete measures in at least three of the five areas. They must also be able to demonstrate where and how much progress they have made.


The core pledges relate, for example, to the carbon footprint of the company as a whole including the supply chain, the carbon footprint of a selection of the company's leading products or the proportion of sustainable products or services sold. Companies can also make pledges on their public relations efforts to promote sustainable practices or on improving the discoverability, accuracy and clarity of the carbon footprint information they provide.


The green consumption pledge is aimed at the non-food sector and retailers selling both food and non-food products. Companies can still join by contacting the European Commission before the end of March. By January next year, the first pilot phase of the project will be completed. A first evaluation will follow.